Cashflow APIs to rapidly build your fintech app

Developers and data scientists use Pave to connect their data sources and retrieve clean & unified insights into their consumers’ spending habits, bills, earnings profile, and account health.

Use Cases

Use cashflow insights to build budgeting features, recommendations engines, risk models, and more.

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Build budgeting functionality

Access clean transactions to help customers understand spending behavior. Send alerts when spending habits change.

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Predict overdrafts

Help customers avoid overdrafts by analyzing their earnings, upcoming bills, and account balances.

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Analyze risk

Use cashflow & account health insights in risk models for wage advances, overdraft protection, or personal lending.

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Predict upcoming bills

Alert customers about upcoming payments so they can plan their finances.

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Build recommendations

Help customers meet goals by monitoring fluctuations in behavior to make useful recommendations.

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Segment your customers

Analyze LTV, acquisition, and retention by segmenting across earnings & spend profiles.

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